A Message from the Chongoene Minister

Gaza District Area
Chongoene UMC
“Source of Life Project”

 Activity Report

As we comply with social tasks our church designed this project to support vulnerable and orphan children, most of which victims of HIV/AIDS. The objective is to alleviate malnutrition problems, assure basic health assistance and enable access to education.

In the beginning there were a total of 42 children but because of the real situation of some of our children in similar conditions, the number increased to 48.

Last February we submitted to the office a request which we purchased school materials and food. This fund was then disbursed at end June. Each child received 8 exercise-books, 4 pens, 1 drawing kit, pencils and a knapsack. Regarding foodstuff, the following was purchased: 8 bags of rice, 4 bags of beans, 3 bags of sugar, 4 bags of peanuts, 12 bags of meal and 12 boxes of soap. 

We were honored by the presence of the District Superintendent, Rev Xavier Guambe, who helped in distribution process. Each child received 8 kilos of rice, 4 kilos of sugar, 5 kilos of corn meal, 5 kilos of beans and 4 soap bars.

Before the distribution we shared the word of God, thanking God for life and blessings from our brothers and sisters from the Missouri Conference, for this unconditional support provided to us. Prayers were let by the Pastor Eduardo Filipe Angelo.

Following our District Superintendent explained the children and family caretakers to have a rational use of these foodstuffs, as we are aware that it is still not sufficient to meet our children primary needs, at the same time we are called to give value to the gifts, doing our part in the process, as we are all aware that one day this support may end, even though we know life continues.

After the distribution among the children, one of the family caretaker expressed deep words of thanks to the Missouri partner- Bethel UMC, on behalf of beneficiaries, because of this generous sign of love and sharing and that God will continue blessing this Initiative.


Chongoene, July 22, 2012

The Pastor Eduardo Filipe Angelo