Chongoene United Methodist Church, Mozambique, Africa

“The Mozambique Initiative” is a part of the Missouri Conference ministry.  These partnerships are made between churches, groups and individuals of the UMC of Missouri with congregations and districts of The United Methodist Church in Mozambique.

These partnerships strengthen the church in Mozambique and are the backbone on Missouri’s mission and ministry. The covenants have literally saved lives by putting food on the table and building shelter for pastor families.  In addition, the Initiative provides many other opportunities for ministry, like leadership development, assisting retired pastors, drilling wells and supporting health care.

Carol Kreamer, Coordinator of the Mozambique Initiative, recently traveled to Chongoene.  She wrote,

"It is a 2-3 km walk to the nearest water. Students pass right by the pump on their way to and from school Bungane secondary school.  Those who were on their way to school would set their container in line to collect water on their way home.  Those departing school were filling their containers to take home with them.  This is a “source of life” here in the Bungane area of Chongoene. During our lunch together we presented to Pastor Amélia the gifts from Bethel UMC.  We tried and tried to get the bouncy balls to stay blown up but maybe the humidity was just not good.  At any rate – they have them for the children.  The most meaningful gifts by far were the bookmarks in Portuguese and Xitswa, saying “A gift from one of our children, our hope for today and tomorrow”.  I know that they will be cherished by the children of Chongoene. I presented the photo and told Amélia that Bethel is close to where I live."

As members of Bethel UMC, we can be proud to be a part of this wonderful ministry!  We will be one of 300 active covenants with the 170+ parishes (congregations) in the 23 districts of  “The United Methodist Church in Mozambique”.  The Mozambiquean’s take their faith very seriously.  The church is the place where people gather for worship, fellowship and mutual support.