Faith in Action Sunday

Mark your calendars: Faith in Action Sunday

November 11!

Bags must be delivered to Circle of Concern by November 15.

Your baking bag items can be placed at the altar rail or in Fellowship Hall. Here is a suggested schedule for donations, but if you prefer to bring everything at once, please feel free to!

  • September 30: 1 lb. box Baking Soda & 12 oz. Baking Powder
  • October 7: 2.0 to 2.5 oz. Ground Cinnamon
  • October 14: 2 oz. Pure Vanilla Extract
  • October 21: 48 fl. oz. Pure Vegetable Oil
  • October 28: 5 lb. All-Purpose Flour
  • November 4: 4 lb. Granulated Sugar


Donation Option to Purchase Items

If you prefer, or if purchasing and bringing items is difficult, a contribution designated for “Bethel Baking Bags” is an option. The funds will be used to purchase items by our “mystery shopper.” If you guessed Diana, our church secretary, as the shopper, you’re right! Diana keeps a tally of collections by the week. About one week away from the deadline, she plugs the figures into a spreadsheet, and gathers some prices for the needed items. She often get tips from members about where a sale or bargain exists (she says they are very helpful!). She then calculates how many bags we can complete with items/money donated. On the Monday before Faith in Action Sunday, Diana calls local grocers to place the order using the cash donations. If the orders can’t be delivered, she picks them up. (Volunteers in the shopping process are welcome of course!) We are looking forward to again making Bethel’s special “stone soup” -- putting our faith in action on November 11!!!